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Don't leave a key underneath the mat for me

Cuz I won't be coming back around here

17 May
80's tunes, adult swim, alice in wonderland, alternative, amanda palmer, anime, art, autumn, baking, ball jointed dolls, bisexuality, blue guitars, blue hair, bright makeup, bright yarn, cake, cocteau twins, coheed and cambria, corsets, covers, crafts, craftster, creativity, crochet, crocheting, cuddling, cupcakes, curly hair, dark eye makeup, dark fantasy, ddr, decora, diy, do it yourself, drawing, dresden dolls, dressing up, dyed hair, elegant gothic lolita, eyeliner, fairy lights, fantasy, feminism, fetish, final fantasy, fishnet stockings, flcl, fruits, full metal panic, fuschia, garbage, glam rock, gloomy days, green, guitar, hair, hair dye, happiness, harry potter, heaven and hell, hookah, horror, house md, html, insomnia, inuyasha, iron maiden, japanese fashion, japanese horror films, japanese street fashion, japanese streetwear, kinky, kissing, knit, knitting, law and order, lingerie, lipstick, mac, madradhair, make up, make-up, makeup, makeup tutorials, manic panic, mermaids, modest mouse, my sexy boyfriend :d, nighttime, not sharing this interest, open canvas, patterns, pen and ink drawing, photography, piano, piercings, pinstripe, pitch black, playing in the rain, playing uke, pokemon, polka dots, projects, radiohead, rasputina, reading, rock n roll!, sci fi/fantasy, science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, short stories, singing my heart out, skin care, squee, star trek, stargazing, stockings, stompy boots, strawberry, suicide girls, swaps, teal, tegan and sara, the lunachicks, the mountain goats, the postmarks, thrift stores, trades, true blood, turquoise, uke, ukes, ukulele, ukulele music, urban fantasy, vampyres, vermillion lies, veruca salt, victorian fashion, video games, weeds, winter, x-files, yarn, yeah yeah yeahs, ,